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Prosperity Weekly Candle Ceremony - Attract Cash, Manifest Money, Gain Financial Freedom, Live well

Prosperity Weekly Candle Ceremony - Attract Cash, Manifest Money, Gain Financial Freedom, Live well


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We are here to understand and listen. Please share the name and date of birth of whom the spell is to be cast and any other info that will help us cast this well for you.

***Weekly Prosperity Service will be held every Thursday! We do not perform this ritual on any other day of the week. Place your order before Thursday 5 pm EST, to be included in that week's service. Any orders placed after the service on Thursday will be held for the next week's service.****

Join us!

Do you need money, security, and growing prosperity? Do you have a small business that needs to stay viable and make money? Do you have bills coming due?

We do.

So each week on Thursday we use our magical expertise and the experience of several generations of magicians to conduct a weekly Prosperity Candle Magic Ritual. (It is an updated Green Flame of Prosperity ritual for anyone that wants to know) We open it to all. So if you are like most of us, you can use any and all help to secure your financial future. Getting the Universal Mind working on your side can only help.

This is the weekly Prosperity Candle Magic Ritual conducted each Thursday to bring the blessings of increased money, and lower financial stress, and to help us all make ends meet. It is a formal candle ceremonial ritual conducted with love and care. It is easy to join in the magic, we just need your name or the person's name to include in the ritual. We will do the rest and seek the intervention and blessings of the spirits and Universal Mind to bring you prosperity in the coming week. This, you see, is a "right now" spell focused on immediate results. We have longer focused spells, but this is our "right now", "bring in the money spell" we count on.

We cast it each week to keep it alive and fresh. You should join us each week too. We conduct this ritual on Thursday for a good reason. Jupiter is a giant, luminous planet that radiates more energy than it receives from the sun. Jupiter caters to abundance, affluence, and comfort. It is vast and expansive and can both protect mankind from potential threats to its existence and provide for the abundance and affluence of that life.

This ritual draws energy from Jupiter and we honor that with the Ceremony being conducted on Thursday of each month - the day ruled by Jupiter. Are you unhappy and stressed about money? Do you need an influx of cash now? Do you need to ensure a real financial future starting today? 
Is it time the Universe was on your side in your investments?

We know money is the basic necessity of the "good life" of all of us. If you are seeking it and you are looking for the help you need. It is here. You do not need to be a victim or be depressed or desperate about money. It is not your fault that sometimes the world is heartless and indifferent to you and your family. Now is the time to change all that with this weekly ritual.

When you participate in this ritual, ON FRIDAY AFTER WE CONDUCT THE RITUAL YOU WILL RECEIVE:

  • A letter showing you that we have conducted the ritual and specifically included you or the person you requested be a part
  • A copy of our Guide "What Next" which will help you enhance the effects of this ritual.

When will the ritual have an effect for me?

This weekly Prosperity Ritual Candle Magic Spell is powerful magic and we are confident the Universe will respond by satisfying your desires. And, while there is no guaranteed timetable for a ritual or spell, there are ways you can use to make it fast. We will send you our guide, "What Next? Making Spells Work." to give you the edge in money issues. This weekly Prosperity Candle Magic Ritual spell will be done carefully and professionally, of that you may have the greatest confidence. We are in this too!


Buy with confidence. Here at Crystal Conjure Magic you are in safe, capable hands. We are trained and certified White Magic Magicians who specialize in performing authentic rituals and spells. In our 17 years of casting tens of thousands of spells, we have earned the respect of clients worldwide. The thousands of Etsy 5-star reviews attest to the excellence you can expect.

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