Crystal Magic for Manifesting Your Desires

Welcome to our enchanting realm, where the magic of creativity and the art of spellcasting collide. Crystal Conjure Magic is an extension of the Crystal Vaults team here in Bunnell, Florida. What began as a humble presence on Etsy which has blossomed into a bewitching haven of spellcasting wonders. Our journey started with a passion for crafting personalized spellcasting services, weaving the threads of ancient wisdom into contemporary desires. Through casting over ten-thousand spells, we have honed our skills and garnered a community of spell seekers on Etsy. The enchantment has grown quickly, prompting the evolution of our own dedicated website. Here, we continue to offer bespoke spell-casting experiences, curated with the utmost care and reverence for the mystical arts.



Hank is our guru here. He is a Graduate Gemologist, an author of crystal books for Llewellyn Press, creator and teacher of crystal healing, crystal aromatherapy, and crystal alchemy. He is an Alchemist, and ancient and modern folk magic researcher.


Erynn is the shop manager here. She works with Hank to ensure everything is authentic, accurately described, and casted at the most opportune celestial time. Bringing the knowledge and experience of Reiki training, crystal master training, crystal alchemist certifications, and years of practical magic and crystal product making to your doorstep.