Our magic at Crystal Conjure Magic is all-inclusive. We honor requests from all nations, all peoples, and those of all beliefs, persuasions, lifestyles, and religions. We are non-judgmental, and welcoming to all seeking magical help in life and love. We serve and honor all who come to us.

We are also much more than a simple candle-burning photo service as many purported magicians seem to be these days. As you search for spells and magic, do not be taken in by photos of burning papers in front of a few candles. Magic is much more than such a pedestrian, mundane approach. Certainly, some spells are best done with fire energy, and altars are wonderful places for them. We use them when they are best called for, but magic is so much more.

Spells are casts for natural human desires and often are best cast in natural environments: seaside at moonrise, at dawn at the crossroads, or in a wooden glen as the sun sets on a summer day. Some are well cast in the garden at high noon, in an open field, or in an ancient monastery within a long abandoned sanctuary. Spells are often performed in temples or fertile fields and are cast by magicians of imagination using experience to blend the energy of the wind, the sun, the power of the moon, herbal essences, and the magic of crystals.

We at Crystal Conjure Magic are trained, experienced, and loving natural magicians of not only fire but of earth, sky, and the elixir of life ~ water. We study the ways of the alchemist and astrologers. Our magic is the magic of the cosmos manifested in the ancient ways performed in harmony with the magical intent and the natural environment most appropriate to assuring success. Your trust is well placed.

You are in good hands…

We are Crystal Masters of the Crystal Guild, trained and certified in powerful magic. As Crystal Master spell casters we specialize in ancient rituals of magic and spell casting. We have been studying and practicing spiritual magic and spellcasting for over 17 years. Our expertise and knowledge in the art of spellcasting is unrivaled. We draw our power from the highest sources and use our vast experience, knowledge, and gifted intuition to gain insights into the energies and influences needed for each magical casting.

By combining our experience with an array of powerful crystals, herbs, celestial energy flows, astrological timing, particularly of the Moon and her energies, and other magical tools, we are able to craft custom spells and rituals that bring forth powerful and long-lasting results. Whether it’s for love, luck, protection, wealth, or any other issue, we are here to bring your dreams into reality and satisfy your needs in a professional and loving manner. You can not be in more experienced, or more capable hands. You are going to benefit directly from the power of true Crystal Master spell casters as we work to bring magic to your life and spirit.

When will my spell work?

Spells are powerful requests to the Universal Spirit, and the Universal Spirit works at its own pace. When we cast your spell the forces it will unleash will be active. Usually spells start to manifest results within a few weeks but this varies widely from spell to spell and person to person. Usually, there is not an immediate visible outcome. But things are in motion. Sometimes results are fast, and sometimes they seem slow, but that is just our perception. Each element of the spell will take the time needed to be most effective. 

If you are an open-minded and determined person, willing to give magic and the Universe a chance to change your life, we are ready to help. Order today.

And..oh yes... we must state that by purchasing any service/product you understand and agree that:
We cannot offer and do not offer a refund on spells. We perform the spell, and the Universe does what it does. We, like you, can only give it our very best.

And you know, as well as we do, that we are not licensed therapists, money managers, health professionals, or legal advisors. We cannot legally or professionally answer questions about health, money, finances, legal, or most other questions about your life.

We can offer our spells to align the universe with your desires. We are obligated to tell you there are no guarantees for spells - it is policy, and it is also the way of the Universe. You and the Universe have free will and will go your own ways.

Finally, we have to remind you this is for Entertainment value and you are responsible for all actions or inactions you take before and after this spell. We wish you well… happiness and love always.