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Spiritual Growth Spell lighting the fires of self-discovery, and instigating a tidal wave of internal change.

Spiritual Growth Spell lighting the fires of self-discovery, and instigating a tidal wave of internal change.


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Revel in the transformative power of the Spiritual Growth spell! This enchantment is not just a spell, but a gateway to unearthing your true potential and fostering an intimate connection with your inner self. It is a pathway, meticulously designed to guide you through the labyrinth of your existence, nurturing an enlightened, conscious mind, and a rejuvenated spirit. The Spiritual Growth spell is infused with an ancient wisdom that echoes through millennia, a sacred whisper resonated from spiritual masters across time and space, imploring you to rise and release the shackles of your earthly constraints. This is more than an awakening; it's an evolution, as the spell delicately weaves its hands into your being, lighting the fires of self-discovery, and instigating a tidal wave of internal change.

As you invoke the Spiritual Growth spell, feel the rush of its divine energy. It's akin to a gentle breeze that sweeps across a spring meadow, gently touching every blade of grass, stirring within them a vibrant life force. Similarly, the spell touches your soul, sparking a euphoric surge of personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. With every invocation of the Spiritual Growth spell, you plunge further into the depths of your spirit. It is the key to an endless journey of self-transformation, opening doors within your soul that you didn't know existed. It teaches you to appreciate the intricate inner workings of your being, awakening your senses to an exquisite tapestry of profound insights and divine metaphysical connection. So, harness the potent energy of the Spiritual Growth spell now. Empower yourself to embark on an extraordinary journey of transformation, and experience the sensational metamorphosis of your spirit. Only then will you understand the true essence of being and the beauty of life’s journey. 


NOTE: All magic, like this spell, works much better within a Circle of Protection and Focus. If you have not cast one in the last few weeks please order this one to assure you are protected from black magic and other evils and to focus on this and any other white magic spells you may have cast. The effects of any magic are significantly enhanced by a Circle of Protection and Focus. Highly recommended and very inexpensive.

The Circle Spell (of Protection and Focus)



1. A promptly and expertly cast spell cast with power and total focus.
2. A letter from us explaining the casting of the spell for you.
3. A copy of our guide "What Next? Making Magic Work" will tell you what will happen and what should happen once the spell is cast.


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