The Ten Laws of White Magic - VI. White Magic is subject to the Cosmic Wind

The Ten Laws of White Magic - VI. White Magic is subject to the Cosmic Wind

This is the sixth in the series of the Ten Laws of White Magic. 

VI. White Magic is subject to the Cosmic Wind.

The Cosmic Wind is the unavoidable element of entropy in magic. Like a gust of wind can scatter your neat pile of papers if left near an open window, so the Cosmic Wind can scatter your magic from a spell and create unseen but powerful effects - just not what is anticipated or expected.

White magic, often regarded as a force for good, harnessing energies to heal, protect, and bless, can be an enticing concept. Nevertheless, even the purest forms of magic are not immune to the pervasive influence of the Cosmic Wind, the force that signifies the unpredictability and chaos inherent in the universe. Consequently, it adds a level of unforeseen complexity and unpredictability to the practice of white magic, highlighting that even the most well-intentioned actions can have unforeseen consequences. 


The Cosmic Wind operates on the principle of entropy, a fundamental law of the universe that signifies the tendency for all things to move from order to disorder. In essence, it is the unseen force that disrupts equilibrium, creates fluctuations in well-set patterns, and drives unpredictability. This aspect of entropy is a potent reminder of reality's inherent unpredictability, a phenomenon that also permeates the realm of white magic.


When casting a spell or performing a white magic ritual, the intention might be clear, the ritual precise, and the energy pure. Yet, when this magical energy is released into the universe, it encounters the Cosmic Wind. Often, the effects are subtle and barely noticeable. Yet the Cosmic Wind's influence may alter the magic’s course, scattering its energies in unexpected directions or causing unanticipated side effects.


One can imagine the Cosmic Wind as a force that breathes disorder into the meticulously planned order. The spell or ritual, no matter how diligent or thorough, will inevitably encounter these cosmic elements of chaos and entropy. Just as a gust of wind can scatter leaves from a tree, the effects of a spell can be scattered and disrupted by the Cosmic Wind.


This is not to say that the practice of white magic is futile or intrinsically unpredictable. Instead, it is a humble acknowledgment of the universe's inherent chaos and an acceptance of unpredictability and unintended consequences. The practitioner of white magic, therefore, must not only be proficient in their craft but also deeply aware of the complexities of the cosmos.


Understanding the Cosmic Wind's impact on white magic underscores the need for practitioners to approach their craft with an open mind, acknowledging that the universe's forces extend beyond our comprehension. It serves as a reminder that magic, like all things, is subject to the fundamental laws of physics, including the pervasive law of entropy.


Just as we cannot control the wind's direction, we cannot fully predict or control the effects of our white magic spells once released into the universe. But, we can learn to navigate these cosmic gusts, acknowledging their presence, and accounting for their influence. By doing so, we can become more adept at our craft, harnessing the very forces that seek to scatter our intent and channeling them towards true magical proficiency. In embracing this reality, we not only become better practitioners but also deepen our understanding of the cosmos and our place within it.


The unpredictable gusts of the Cosmic Wind remind us that white magic is not about commanding the universe to our will, but about working in harmony with the universe's shifting and chaotic rhythm in a dance of entropy and order.


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