Lana’s Magic Spell - Her Grandmother’s gift in disguise

Lana’s Magic Spell - Her Grandmother’s gift in disguise

 Once upon a time, in a bustling city, two ambitious women, Lana and Ava, were shortlisted for a coveted job at an esteemed organization.


Lana, somewhat overconfident did not think she had to really prepare, she would just use some magic.  She went to see her mystical grandmother, who cast a magical spell intended to secure the job for her. She was now confident in the outcome, having had the spell cast, there was little to do but enjoy the day and not worry.


Ava, on the other hand, dedicated herself to relentless preparation, brushing up her skills, honing her knowledge, and rehearsing potential interviews. She did not have any magic to depend on, so she spent considerable time preparing. 


The day of the interview arrived, and both women dressed in their sharpest suits, walked into the corporate tower, and took a deep breath. Lana walked into the interview room with an air of mysterious confidence, subtly radiating the aura of the magical spell. Ava, on the other hand, stepped in exuding quiet determination, her preparation evident in every stride.


Lana's interview was good, but Ava's was exceptional. Every question was met with a poised, well-thought response. The interview panel was visibly impressed. When the fateful call came, it was Ava who had secured the job.


Lana was disappointed, her faith dwindling. She questioned the power of her grandmother's magic. She had been so sure that the spell would work but here she was, jobless while Ava had secured the prized position. But unbeknownst to Lana, the magical spell was working, but in a way she least expected.


In consulting her grandmother about the failure of her magic, Lana got a rather hard lesson from the normally friendly and kindly grandmother.


“Lana - Magic is a tool” her Grandmother said with a loving yet stern voice.  She continued to   admonished, “Magic, my dear Lana, is not a cure-all. It is a tool the Universe lends out to the worthy. To those who respect the gifts of the Universe, who embrace their personal challenges, to those that put in an honest efforts,  and to those that give of their time and talents to the benefits of others, the Universe grants favors.” 


Lana looked up at her grandmother, her eyes moist from the sting of failure and a budding understanding. Her grandmother continued, "If you want a job, you must earn it first.  Only then might magic lend you its hand, but remember, it will do so when it chooses, for the Universe aids only those who help themselves but not always in ways that are expected.”


Lana nodded, her heart heavy yet enlightened. Her grandmother's words had carved a profound impression on her young mind. Magic was not a free ticket to selfish ends, but a tool, a gift to be used wisely and the Universe, her grandmother had taught her, respected the ones who respected its laws. With renewed energy and determination, Lana decided to keep following her dream and earn the help of her Grandmother’s magic. 


A few weeks later, an opportunity for an even bigger, more prestigious job came Lana's way. The position was at an international organization, a dream that she had secretly nurtured but considered out of her reach.  Determined to heed her Grandmother’s advice she prepared feverishly.  And in doing so, she was careful not to neglect the caregiving for her Grandmother for which she was responsible.  Her Grandmother seeing the renewed sense of purpose and work being done, encouraged her to apply.  Again her Grandmother cast a spell for her success, but this time Lana know it was just to help and give her the confidence she needed. 


Much to her surprise, she was called for an interview. Every question thrown at her, she answered with ease, confidence, and a pinch of mysterious charm. Impressed by her poise, knowledge, and charisma, the panel unanimously decided to offer her the job.


As Lana sat in her new spacious office later that summer, looking out at the sprawling city below, she finally understood. The first spell had not been a failure but rather a redirection. It had not given her the first job because it was not meant for her, she would not have succeeded there.   It had instead guided her to this opportunity. The magic had brought her the success she wanted, just not in the way she had expected.


In the end, both women found their paths. Ava's relentless preparation had earned her a well-deserved position for which she was prepared and she was doing well.  And, while Lana's magic had at first seem to have failed her, in the end the opposite was the case.  The spell had indeed worked, but its magic was not in giving her what she thought she wanted, but rather in bestowing upon her what she truly needed.

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