The Ten Laws of White Magic - IV. White magic deteriorates with time

The Ten Laws of White Magic - IV. White magic deteriorates with time

This it the fourth in the series of the Ten Laws of White Magic. 

IV. White Magic, like all things, deteriorates with time.


Nothing in the Universe last forever. Spell energy declines with time. Life is maintenance. So is magic.


The universe is bound by certain immutable laws, among which is the seemingly inexorable decline and deterioration of all things over time. Just as a beautifully constructed sand castle gradually loses its form under the relentless tide, so too does the potency of white magic gradually deteriorate with the persistent march of time. This decay is an inherent property of the universe, an unstoppable process known as entropy. The laws of physics dictate that, in an isolated system, entropy will increase over time, leading to a gradual progression towards disorder and chaos. This applies to all things within the universe- physical matter, chemical reactions, and even white magic spells.


Entropy refers to the natural tendency of universe to move towards a state of disorder. It’s a universal law, persisting in all facets of life, and yes, including the realm of white magic. What this implies is that a white magic spell, once cast, is not impervious to the effects of time. As the moments tick by, the spell begins to dissipate, to lose its structure and potency. The brilliant light of the spell slowly but steadily starts to fade. Its power lessens. If left unchecked, over time, the spell would completely lose its efficacy.


However, all is not doomed in the world of white magic. Just as there are ways to fight back against the natural deterioration of a wooden bridge or an iron gate, there exist measures to curb the influence of entropy on white magic spells. Regular maintenance, akin to the consistent oiling of a machine or the regular servicing of a car, can help keep the magic alive and effective.


Maintaining a white magic spell involves periodic reinforcement. By regularly channeling energy back into the spell, one can help counteract the entropic decay that threatens to weaken it. Just as the constant reinforcement of a weakened bridge with new material helps to retain its strength and function, regularly ‘charging’ a white magic spell ensures that its potency does not wane. This is not a one-off task, but rather a continuous process. Just like the need for regular exercise to keep our bodies fit and healthy, a white magic spell requires consistent input, a regular ‘exercising’ of its mystical energies to keep it robust and potent.


Moreover, synchronizing the maintenance of a white magic spell with lunar cycles can further enhance its effectiveness. Much like aligning the planting and harvesting of crops with the seasons, conducting the reinforcement rituals in time with the phases of the moon ensures that the rejuvenation of the spell is in harmony with natural cycles. This can help potentiate the spell, making it more resilient against entropy's relentless push towards disorder.


White magic, despite being part of the mystical realm, is not immune to the physical laws of the universe. The inherent entropy gradually degrades the potency of white magic spells. However, through regular maintenance, by consistently channeling energy back into the spell and aligning it with lunar cycles, one can counteract this decay, keeping the magic alive and effective. It’s a continuous journey, one that requires time, patience, and above all, belief in the power of white magic.


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