The Ten Laws of White Magic - II. White Magic Does Not Overcome Free Will

The Ten Laws of White Magic - II. White Magic Does Not Overcome Free Will

This is the second in the series of the Ten Laws of White Magic.

II. White Magic does not overcome free will, yours or anyone else’s.


It can only console, encourage, facilitate, and create desire.

When venturing into the world of white magic, it’s important to understand the principles that govern it. Many misunderstandings exist about this form of magic, with the foremost being its ability to control or override human free will. White magic does not and cannot overcome free will—yours or anyone else's.


First, a quick review of the nature of white magic. White magic is associated with healing, protection, guidance, and other positive intentions. Its purpose is not to control or manipulate but to assist, encourage, and foster an environment conducive to reaching desired goals or outcomes. It’s like a gardener tending to his plants, providing the right environment, and nurturing them to grow, but ultimately, it’s up to the plant to flourish or wither.


Consider the situation in which an individual desires to ignite love in the heart of another person through the use of white magic. The most common mistake is the assumption that magic can be used to control the other person's feelings and force them to fall in love. However, this is not within the capability of white magic. White magic can only create the conditions and light the spark, it cannot control or force someone's feelings. It can help to remove barriers, facilitate communication, or create opportunities; the rest depends on the individuals involved and their free will.


Next, let's consider the impact of white magic on an individual. You might know someone struggling with a lack of confidence. They may want to resort to white magic to boost their self-esteem. It is important to understand that the magic itself won’t transform the individual's personality or turn them into an invincible, fearless being. What it can do, however, is provide the encouragement needed to face fears, the strength to overcome challenges, and the optimism needed to see beyond their insecurities. It can create a desire for self-improvement and personal growth, but it cannot override the person's free will in choosing to act or not to act on these desires.


Similarly, in a situation where white magic is used for prosperity or success, the magic cannot simply conjure up a suitcase filled with cash or instantly transport someone into a CEO's office. Instead, it might pave the way for opportunities, inspire innovative ideas, or provide the drive and motivation necessary to achieve success. Again, the free will of the person to just sit on the couch will override any white magic. 


In essence, white magic can be thought of as a gentle push in the right direction, a guiding light in times of confusion, or a comforting friend in times of need. It does not control or manipulate – it only facilitates, encourages, and inspires. It can create the right atmosphere, set the stage, and provide the tools, but the final acts is always up to the individual. Their free will always remains intact, and the power to decide their actions always remains in their hands.


White magic is a tool. It is a powerful too for enhancement, support, and guidance – not a means of control or manipulation. It respects the sanctity of free will, reinforcing the idea that the ultimate power lies within us, not outside of us.


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