The Machete and the Compass - why we offer premium spells with tarot readings

The Machete and the Compass - why we offer premium spells with tarot readings

We have been asked why we offer premium spells with tarot readings. What is the purpose of that? we are asked. Here is a story to illustrate how the magic and oracle work together in our story: The Machete and the Compass.


Once upon a time, in a village nestled on the fringes of a vast, dense jungle, there lived a young artisan named Kofi. His dreams were as big as the tropical forest itself. He wanted to explore life beyond his humble habitat, to taste the wonders and richness only spoken of in the stories of the wandering minstrels. Yet, he was ensnared by the puzzling jungle that lay between him and his dreams, an inscrutable wilderness that often left even the bravest hearts lost and battered.


The village elder, a wise woman skilled in the ancient mystical arts, saw Kofi's restless spirit. She offered Kofi two invaluable gifts - a machete and a compass. "The jungle is unruly, my child. You will need the machete to carve out your own trail. And the compass to guide you, so you don’t lose yourself in the pursuit of your dreams," she said.


The machete, she explained, was akin to a spell – a premium spell of incredible power. A spell, so potent, it could overcome any obstacle that stood in his path. The incantation could cut through the thickest vines of doubt, the sturdiest trunks of fear, and the most tangled undergrowth of uncertainty.


However, the machete by itself was not enough. Kofi needed guidance, a sense of direction. This is where the compass – the tarot reading – came into play. Just as a compass helps a traveler navigate his way through unknown territories, the tarot reading would provide Kofi with insights that no eye could see, unveiling the secrets of the universe, and whispering to him the directions that his life was meant to take.


Armed with the machete of the spell and the compass of the tarot reading, Kofi ventured into the jungle. Every swing of his machete was driven by the spell, breaking his way through the thickets of his doubts and fears. Each step he took, guided by the tarot reading, took him closer to his dreams, ensuring he didn't lose his way.


The journey was arduous, filled with trials and tribulations. But the potent spell to cut through his challenges and the tarot reading to guide him, proved to be the perfect combination. Kofi emerged from the other side of the jungle, his spirit unbroken and his dreams within reach.


Just like Kofi, many of us are nestled on the fringes of our own 'jungles'. We yearn to venture out and realize our dreams, but often don't know how to navigate the complex maze that life is.


This is why we offer the machete and the compass - premium spell to help you clear your path and a tarot reading to guide you through it - ensuring you emerge victorious on the other side just like Kofi.


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