Successfully Saving Money with Magic and Crystals

Successfully Saving Money with Magic and Crystals

Are you tired of constantly struggling to save money? Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, your bank account just can't seem to stay in the green? Well, what if I told you there was a way to use the power of magic and crystals to help you save money faster and easier? Yes, you read that right – magic and crystals. Don't worry, you won't need to cast complicated spells (we do that part). You just need to collect five easily procured crystals and learn a few simple ways to use them to help supercharge those spells so you can start growing that bank account every month. 


In this article, we will introduce you to the power of white magic, show you the five spells that will make saving money easy, identify the crystals that have the energy to supercharge the spell, and then give you some proven ways to use those crystals with your magic.


Modern White Magic

First, here is a quick overview of white magic. If you want to know more, we have a full blog post that explains it in more detail. But for now, just know that modern white magic spell casting is a ritual projection of intentions on behalf of another person consistent with that person’s beliefs and desires to create benefit for them or others in an honorable and ethical manner. It stands in contrast to black magic, which is associated with harm, curses, and malevolence. 


So the good news here is that White magic is good magic that can only create benefits. And that is what we want, financial benefits. So let’s jump into the five spells that can help us save the money we need to start saving. 


Spells for Saving Money 

First, the basics. We need to start with some discipline and self-control. Saving money requires a keen adherence to discipline and self-control, This trait helps individuals avoid impulsive spending, ensuring they stay within their budgetary boundaries. Meanwhile, self-control is paramount in resisting the allure of immediate gratification. Exercising self-control enables individuals to prioritize their long-term financial goals over their momentary desires


1. Money Saver Spell

The ultimate tool to transform your financial habits and help you achieve your savings goals effortlessly. This enchanting ritual is designed to instill discipline, focus, and self-control when it comes to managing your money - (Just what we need to start.) 

This enchanting ritual is designed to instill discipline, focus, and self-control when it comes to managing your money. By harnessing the energy of abundance and prosperity, this spell creates a positive mindset that attracts wealth and encourages you to make wise spending choices. 

With the Money Saver spell, you will find yourself becoming more mindful of your expenses, curbing impulse purchases, and consistently setting money aside for future needs.

The crystal energy we need is the energy of olive-colored crystals. The best of the best is Prehnite. Prehnite may be new to you, no worries. It is not expensive, but it is a potent energy crystal. It will help you in your efforts to strengthen your resistance, determination, and endurance for mental challenges, particularly those of long duration like saving for emergencies or for the future.


Next, we need some help with money management. Money Management forms the critical foundation for consistently saving money for the future. Essentially, with good money management skills, a person can optimize their income and resources and create an efficient saving strategy that not only preserves their money but also grows it for the future.

The spell we need is the Budgeting Spell.


2. Budgeting Spell

This powerful incantation is crafted to guide you toward wise money management and secure your financial future. With the Budgeting Spell by your side, you'll harness the forces of prosperity to easily track expenses, resist impulse purchases, and save effortlessly.

The crystal energy needed to make budgeting easier is the energy of Green Jasper. Jasper comes in thousands of shapes, colors, designs, and formations. You can easily find one in a shade of green that appeals to you. 


Now we must deal with the debts we are starting from. Let’s get rid of them. Getting our debts under control is important to growing our savings. We don’t want all our “extra money” going to interest, we want it in our bank account growing.

For this, we need the energy of the Debt Dispeller Spell.


3. Debt Dispeller Spell

A powerful solution to release you from the burdens of debt and financial woes. This spell is designed to attract positive vibrations and abundance into your life while dispelling negative energies that keep you trapped in a cycle of debt.

We can augment the energy of this spell by using a crystal with the ability to attract abundance. Our favorite is Emerald. The color of money, the richness of the gemstone color and the extensive traditions of emerald make it perfect. And don’t think you need an expensive gem-quality emerald. The tumbled ones work just fine.


Now let’s get more control of our spending. We need to stop the impulsive buying and keep our money for our future. We will use the Banish Impulsive Buying Spell.


4. Banish Impulsive Buying Spell

This powerful incantation is designed to help you regain control over your impulses and make mindful purchasing decisions. Say goodbye to buyer's remorse as this spell empowers you to resist temptations and focus on your true needs and desires.

Here we need a crystal for good discipline and willpower. We know willpower can be sought and obtained through lighter shades of scarlet crystals. Light scarlet crystals have an additional power: increasing willpower and dedication to a difficult mental effort. An inexpensive one is Red Jasper. Again, these are not expensive. 


Finally let’s protect the savings as we accumulate them. We will use our Savings Protection Spell


5. Savings Protection Spell

A powerful magical solution designed to safeguard your hard-earned money in your savings account. This spell works by creating a shield of energy around your financial assets, preventing any negative influences or unexpected expenses from draining your savings. 

For this the tried and true Black Tourmaline is perfect. It has a long history of being used for protection and we can find them easily 


Now there are many ways to use these crystals to enhance the energy of the spells. But lets keep this simple. Collect the five crystals as tumbled stones. And get a small drawstring pouch. Place the stones and some money, say a dime or two in the pouch. Now keep this pouch with you in your pocket or purse or backpack and as often as possible throughout the day take it out and empty it into your palm and let the energy of the stones be absurd into your hand. You will find this constant reminder and energy transfusion will keep the magic of the spells strong within your spirit. 





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