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White magic spells don’t always “win” the battle.

We are sometimes asked why a particular magic spell seems to not have “worked.”  What the person is saying is that their intent for the outcome did not come to pass. From this they conclude the spell did not work and they want to know why.


Well, like a champion prize fighter, unfortunately white magic spells don’t always “win” their battle to effect the changes we wish. This is particularly true in spell cast on others to comply with our desires.


Here is why...

white magic spell casting service

White magic spells have long been associated with purity, truth, benevolence, and the positive aspects of the spiritual realm. These spells, when we have them cast on ourselves, immerse us in an aura of positive energy which can lead to a suite of favorable outcomes. When we cast these spells for our personal growth, our complete involvement and focused energy interact with the spell’s energy  to generate a powerful force. Our earnest intentions and beliefs serve as the fuel that strengthens the spell, amplifying its effectiveness to manifest our desires.


Now this effectiveness significantly changes when we try imposing our will and desires with them on others. When these spells are cast on others, there is a natural, severe reduction in their effectiveness. This has a number of causes.


The primary one is that the spell's effectiveness is often diluted due to the lack of personal intent and emotional commitment of the person for whom the spell is being cast.


Moreover, the target individual's subconscious acceptance plays a significant role, too. When we cast the spell for ourselves, we wholeheartedly agree to open our minds and hearts to the positivity which the spell will bring. However, when the spell is cast on another person, their acceptance or resistance to the spell can drastically affect the outcome.


white magic does not overpower free will

Imagine a situation where a spell is cast to bring peace and tranquillity to someone’s life. If that person is unaware or non-receptive to this spell, their subconscious mind may create an energetic barrier that blocks the positive energy flow, thus thwarting the spell’s effectiveness.


Or in a situation where we wish someone to be gone from our lives or to return, the spell’s effectiveness can often be thwarted by their free will. If there is no desire on their part for what we wish, the magic has little to work with and will often fail to achieve our desires.


In essence, we have found that white magic is powerful indeed when used  to bring harmony with your own energy, desires, and personal spiritual journey. Invoking white magic spells for ourselves allows us to tap into our inner power, harnessing it to bring positive transformation in our lives. And, it is not that white magic spells don't work when cast on others, but at times they “lose” their fight even when they fight as hard as they can. Because we don’t see those battles we often perceive the magic didn’t work. It did. It fought for our desire, but in the end it lost, unfortunately. 



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white magic spell casting service
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