The Ten Laws of White Magic - VIII. White Magic always works... but not always as expected.

The Ten Laws of White Magic - VIII. White Magic always works... but not always as expected.

This the eighth in the series of the Ten Laws of White Magic. 

VIII. White Magic always works, but not always as expected.


White Magic, by its very nature, resonates with the essence of positive energy, universal love, and the highest good. It is not a force that can be controlled or directed, but one that is asked for and received. It functions on the principle of serving one’s highest good, safeguarding the individual, and propelling growth and positivity.


Though one might be mistaken to preconceive that it would function according to one's whims and desires, the truth lies elsewhere. White Magic works, but not always in the way, time, or duration that one expects. The underlying principle behind this is simple and profound: White Magic is not bounded by our human perception of what we need or desire but it transcends it to deliver what’s best for us.


Consider it as a universal intelligence, a cosmic force, that understands our life journey, our growth, our needs, and our desires better than we do ourselves. It has the purview of the larger picture that we sometimes cannot see. When we seek its guidance or intervention, it takes into account a multitude of factors, both seen and unseen, and ultimately manifests in the most beneficial way for us.


There might be instances when one seeks immediate relief from a painful situation, but White Magic might not provide a quick-fix solution, causing one to question its effectiveness. However, in such situations, it may be working towards a multipart plan addressing the root cause of the issue rather than providing a momentary solution to the surface problem.


Similarly, the duration of its working might not always align with our human impatience. We might expect instant results, but White Magic does not operate on our linear timeline. It functions on a cosmic timeline, often interweaving various elements together to create a harmonious result.


This might mean a delay in manifestation, but it is essential to understand that this delay is not a denial or a failure of White Magic. Rather, it is all part of the preparatory process that is necessary to ensure that what we desire is aligned with our greater good.


Moreover, the outcome of White Magic may also not always match our expectations. For instance, one might wish for a specific job, believing that it would bring happiness. However, White Magic might not manifest this particular job but instead guide one to a different opportunity that eventually brings greater fulfillment and joy. This divergence from our planned path might initially seem as if White Magic did not work, but with passing time, one realizes that it did work, only in a more insightful and beneficial way.


In conclusion, White Magic always works, and it always works for one’s best interests. However, it doesn’t answer to our human constructs of time, duration, and expectations. It operates on a higher plane, on cosmic intelligence, working its magic in the optimal way for our growth, contentment, and well-being. To see its true workings, one must transcend the boundaries of expectations and trust in the benevolent force of White Magic.


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