The Ten Laws of White Magic - IX. White Magic creates good Karma

The Ten Laws of White Magic - IX. White Magic creates good Karma

This is the ninth in the series of the Ten Laws of White Magic. 

IX. White Magic creates good karma.


White magic is often associated with healing, love, and the removal of negative energy. Its essence is based on the principle of 'doing good' as it aims to bring about positive changes and benefits. This altruistic concept of white magic, when applied effectively and sincerely, can undoubtedly lead to an increase in one's good Karma.


To comprehend how white magic influences our Karma, it is essential to understand the concept of Karma. Karma is a spiritual principle rooted in Hinduism and Buddhism, which explains that our actions (positive or negative) in this life will determine our fate in the future or in our next lives. In other words, you reap what you sow – if you do good, you receive good and vice versa.


White magic aims to bring about positivity, love, and harmony into our lives and the lives of those around us through specific rituals, spells, or simply through practicing kindness and empathy. It focuses on manipulating the universal energy to bring about good fortune, healing, love, and peace - all positive outcomes that definitely contribute to our good Karma.


By using white magic, you're making an active decision to introduce positive energy into the world. White magic is a way of manifesting the good things in life, which in turn brings about positivity and this positivity is reflected back to the practitioner. This is akin to the law of attraction which works on the concept that 'like attracts like'. When you focus on positive actions and thoughts, you will attract positive energy back into your life. Hence, practicing white magic leads directly to an accumulation of good Karma.


Furthermore, white magic encourages us to listen to our inner conscience, engage in empathetic actions, and promote peace and harmony. It is about respecting everyone's free will and never manipulating or controlling someone else's emotions or actions. This emphasizes the concept of 'doing unto others what we want to be done unto us' – another factor that could attract good Karma.


Moreover, by practicing white magic, an individual aligns themselves with nature and its forces. This conscious interaction with the environment promotes actions that result in the good of all beings. For instance, many practitioners of white magic implement eco-friendly practices in their daily lives, recognizing the importance of preserving the planet and the creatures that inhabit it. Such conscious actions attract good Karma due to their positive impact on the world at large.


In conclusion, white magic with its inherent nature of doing good aligns perfectly with the concept of Karma. By practicing white magic, we continuously supply positivity into the universe, effectively sowing the seeds of good Karma. The practices, rituals, and spells of white magic aim at healing, peace, love, and protection against negative energies, all of which result in good Karma. Therefore, consistently practicing white magic in a responsible and ethical manner leads to an increased reservoir of good Karma, manifesting good fortune and positivity in our lives.


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