The Ten Laws of White Magic - III. White magic works through a person's subconscious

The Ten Laws of White Magic - III. White magic works through a person's subconscious

This is the third in the series of the Ten Laws of White Magic. 

III. White Magic works through the subconscious of the person.


Spell casters just formulate the magic and send it to you. Your attitudes, beliefs, actions, inactions, attention, use, and desires will focus and align the spell to manifest results. They are unpredictable in time and effect, but always positive, but at times not apparent to the conscious mind. 


White Magic operates through the unfathomable depths of the human subconscious. It necessitates a vital understanding of the fundamental essence of the human psyche to be effective. One of the most crucial concepts to grasp here is that the spell casters merely act as facilitators in the process. They devise and dispatch the magic; however, its actualization and realization are entirely dependent on the recipient.


Visualization of the outcome is an essential part of this process. White magic taps into the subconscious mind's power to draw upon its potential. The subconscious mind, a treasure trove of our deepest desires, hopes, and dreams, is a potent tool when harnessed properly. It is an unseen force that shapes our behavior, influences our decisions, and ultimately, controls our destiny. With White Magic, we can navigate this complex labyrinth and harness its power to our benefit.


it is important to understand attitudes, beliefs, actions, or even inactions, play a significant role in determining the efficacy of any spell. In essence, we become an active participant, not just a passive recipient, in the process. Our mind, being a powerful magnet, attracts what it habitually thinks. Therefore, our positive attitude and unwavering belief play an instrumental role in attracting positive outcomes.


The focus is another key component in the manifestation of White Magic. Without proper concentration and attention, the magic may not be successful in producing the desired outcome. It is just like a laser beam - the more focused it is, the more powerful it gets. The spells we receive act as a powerful stimulus, igniting a response from our subconscious mind. Our focus acts as a magnifying glass, amplifying its power and helping manifest the desired outcome.


Furthermore, White Magic is a potent force that operates on our deepest desires. It taps into unfathomable depths of our subconscious, awakening our deepest longings, providing clarity about our genuine desires. Once our desires are aligned with the magic, the resulting manifestation is often nothing short of extraordinary.


Our response to the spell casting also plays a significant role in deciding its efficacy. Neglect or misuse of the spell will usually result in an unsatisfactory or even counterproductive outcome. Therefore, it is vital to use the magic meticulously, with caution, respect, and most importantly, with faith.


In the grand scheme of things, White Magic works harmoniously with our subconscious mind. A synchronized, harmonious relationship between the magic and our subconscious mind is what yields the desired outcome. It is a reciprocal relationship where our attitudes, attention, beliefs, and desires align with the spell, resulting in a symphony of positive outcomes.


To sum it up, spell casters create and dispatch the magic, but it's our subconscious mind that plays the pivotal role in drawing the magic towards us, operating through our attitudes, beliefs, actions, inactions, attention, use, and desires. It's a testament to the classic phrase, "As within, so without." Our internal world reflects our external reality. White Magic just provides a tangible avenue to use this profound, subconscious power we all possess.


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