The “Magic” Lawnmower

The “Magic” Lawnmower

Once upon a suburban afternoon, Bob, a man of simple tastes and an insatiable need for convenience, commenced a journey in search of an answer to his unmanageable lawn and a yearning for a blossoming garden. As he meandered through the rows of a peculiar establishment known as the "Magic Hardware Store," he encountered an array of mysteriously intriguing gadgets, tools, and garden supplies. In his mind, this place held enchanting solutions to his lawn maintenance woes.


Bob found himself drawn towards a gleaming advertisement that promised the wonders of a self-propelled lawn mower. With picturesque images of trimmed, emerald lawns, the ad bewitched Bob and he thought maybe this was the key to his problems. This, he thought, was some magic that would transform his unruly grass into a suburban paradise.


Next, he came across an ad exuding charm of beautiful flower gardens. The vivid images and promises of a beautiful garden bewitched Bob further. Intrigued and swept up in the vision, he purchased several packs of the beautiful  flower seeds. With these purchases, he trusted that he had equipped himself adequately for the garden transformation he eagerly anticipated.


Upon arriving home, Bob placed the unopened lawn mower box in the middle of the lawn and scattered the flower seed packets around the edges. Believing in the promises of the advertisements he left it all as it was and dashed off on vacation, excited by the thought of returning to a spellbound yard.


Days later, Bob returned from his holiday with high hopes for his yard. He imagined a pristine lawn and a vibrant flower garden, just like in the advertisements for the lawnmower and the flower seeds showed. But instead, he was met with a sight that left him utterly dismayed.


His grass stood even taller, wilder than before. The once gleaming box that held the magical lawnmower was now a soggy mess in the middle of the jungle-like lawn. The lawn mower was beginning to rust, having faced the wrath of an unexpected storm. His eagerly anticipated flower garden was nowhere to be seen. All that remained of his magical flower seeds were empty packets, pecked open by birds and scattered haphazardly across the lawn.


This is not right.  I must berate the hardware store and give them a poor rating.  This is not what I expected.  The magic promised in the ads did not “materialize.”  I shall demand my money back and award them one star to teach them not to sell shoddy merchandise.




Now gentle reader, I could put the obvious moral of the story here, but if you have read so far, you probably get it…Magic “helps”.  It does not “do.”

The End


…or the beginning if you have figured out that there was real magic in the seeds that could have created the garden if he had worked with them and cared for them and there was certainly magic in the lawn mower, in that once it was unpacked, assembled, and fueled and guided around the yard, the yard would pretty much be magically transformed.  Maybe we are all a bit smarter than Bob.  One would hope.


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