The Ten Laws of White Magic

The Ten Laws of White Magic

Are you a believer in the power of white magic? We are. We know it can be empowering to tap into the spiritual forces that surround us and use them for good. But before you dive into the world of spells and enchantments, it's important to understand the Ten Laws of White Magic. These principles will guide you as you strive to use and understand the energies of the universe to manifest positive change.


I. White Magic is benign.

It cannot do harm to you or any living thing. The sole purpose of white magic is to "do good.”

‌II. White Magic does not overcome free will, yours or anyone else’s.

‌It can only console, encourage, facilitate, and create desire.

‌III. White Magic works through the subconscious of the recipient.

‌Spell casters just formulate the magic and send it to you. Your attitudes, beliefs, actions, inactions, attention, use, and desires will focus and align the spell to manifest results. They are unpredictable in time and effect, but always positive, but at times not apparent to the conscious mind. 

IV. White Magic, like all things, deteriorates with time.

Nothing in the Universe last forever. Spell energy declines with time. Life is maintenance. So is magic.

V. White Magic works in accordance with LILO law.

Little In Little Out…. You pay a little you do a little, you get little results.

Lots In Lots Out… You pay a lot, you do a lot, you get a lot of results.

‌VI. White Magic is subject to the Cosmic Wind.

The Cosmic Wind is the unavoidable element of entropy in magic. Like a gust of wind can scatter your neat pile of papers if left near an open window, so the Cosmic Wind can scatter your magic from a spell and create unseen but powerful effects - just not what is anticipated or expected.

VIII. White Magic is very much like aspirin.

‌We don’t know how it works, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. It works for some people some of the time for some things, and you often need more than one spell.

‌VIII. White Magic always works, and always for your best interests.

White Magic always works for you but not always as expected. The sense of having special powers once a spell has been cast always at least buoys people in threatening situations, and helps soothe everyday fears and ward off mental distress.

IX. White Magic always increases your good Karma.

‌White magic, with its intentions of doing “good” is a positive individual actions that always leads to some positive consequences - that is good Karma.‌

X. White magic works through belief.

If you doubt yourself or the magic, you will gain little. If you believe in the magic and yourself, you will prosper.


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