Ten Laws of White Magic - I. White Magic is Benign

Ten Laws of White Magic - I. White Magic is Benign

This is the first of ten blog posts exploring the Ten Laws of White Magic.


White magic and black magic, two fundamentally different forms of spiritual practices, have been discernibly divided throughout centuries based on their intentions and sources of power. This distinction, deeply rooted in folklore and cultural narratives, draws a line between the wholesome benevolence of white magic, and the potentially destructive nature of black magic.


White magic is benign. It is built on the principles of goodness, wellness, and the proliferation of positive energy in the universe. This form of spiritual practice seeks to harness the power of benevolent spirits and sources, fostering an atmosphere of universal love. Its magical formulae and rituals are focused on healing, protection, purification, blessings, and prophetic revelations. By aiding personal development, it affects the practitioner and other people in the most constructive of ways.


The intention behind white magic is the creation of balance and harmony. It involves tapping into the cosmic energy, circulating that energy for the benefit of all. The blessings drawn from the universe by a white magic practitioner are used to heal ailments, create prosperity, protect individuals from harm, and enhance love and peace in relationships.


White magic is not a means to an end, but a journey towards positivity and wellness. It is an embodiment of universal love, and its spell casters and practitioners are keepers of peace, sowing the seeds of goodness wherever they tread. They strive to maintain an ethical balance, steering clear of any actions or intentions that may inflict harm or disturbance upon others.


On the contrary, black magic, as its name suggests, is associated with the intention of causing harm, chaos, and strife. The practitioners of black magic seek the assistance of malevolent spirits, using hexes, curses, and malign spells with the aim to manipulate free will and create discord.


Unlike white magic, black magic is often used for personal gain at the expense of others. It thrives on the exploitation of cosmic forces, using them to inflict harm, instigate havoc, and control others. Black magic rituals and spells are known to be used to manipulate energy to negatively affect a target's mind, body, or overall life.


Black magic practitioners operate in the shadows of spirituality, often invoking powerful, destructive forces to fulfill their intentions. Luring malevolent spirits to aid their causes, they disrupt the cosmic equilibrium, perpetuating fear, pain, and suffering.


Evidently, white magic and black magic stand on opposite ends of the magical spectrum. Whereas white magic nurtures a sense of unity, benevolence, and goodness, appealing to the kind spirits of the universe, black magic tends towards malice, seeking to invoke forces that incite harm and strife.


White magic, rooted in benevolence, serves as a beacon of light, steering the energies of the universe towards harmony and wellness.


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