The Ten Laws of White Magic - V. White Magic works by LILO law

The Ten Laws of White Magic - V. White Magic works by LILO law

This is the fifth in the series of the Ten Laws of White Magic. 

V. White Magic works in accordance with LILO law.

Little In Little Out…. You pay a little you do a little, you get little results.

Lots In Lots Out…  You pay a lot, you do a lot, you get a lot of results.

In a world where quick fixes and instant gratification seem to rule the day, it is tempting to look for shortcuts towards achieving our goals. However, the principles of White Magic remind us that the Universe operates on a fundamental law of reciprocity, often referred to as the LILO law – Little In, Little Out; Lots In, Lots Out.


White Magic is not a mystical loophole that allows us to bypass the laws of nature. Instead, it is a discipline that aligns with these laws and helps us to facilitate balance and reciprocity in our lives. One of the vital tenets underpinning White Magic is that nothing in the Universe is free. Every action demands a reaction, every input requires an output, and every debt must be paid in full.


The LILO law mirrors this concept perfectly. It implies that the level of investment – whether it be time, effort, resources, or emotional energy – largely determines the outcome. If you put in a little, you'll get a little in return. But if you invest abundantly, you'll reap bountiful outcomes.

Consider a farmer who sows his field with seeds. If he plants sparingly, his harvest will be meager. But if he sows generously, taking time to prepare the soil and nurture the seedlings, his crops will flourish, and his barns will be filled to the brim. This analogy applies to every facet of our lives, from relations and careers to personal growth and spirituality.


Our lives are a constant exchange of energy that adheres to this natural law of balance. If we embrace this understanding and diligently apply it, we can use White Magic principles to bring about desired changes in our reality. This practice requires us to understand that our inputs are not mere expenditures but investments that will pay off in full over time.


The Universe seeks balance and fair exchange – it neither favors nor harms anyone. All actions and reactions are a part of this perpetual and impartial balancing act. The outcomes aren't just handed to us on a silver platter; they are the fruits of our efforts, the direct consequences of our actions.


When we understand this, it becomes clear that White Magic isn't about manipulating the Universe into giving us what we want without putting in the work. It’s about aligning ourselves with the Universe's natural laws to co-create our reality consciously. We must give to receive, act to see results, and pay our dues in full to enjoy the rewards.


To practice White Magic effectively, we need to respect the LILO law, acknowledging that we pay a price for everything we ask of the Universe. The greater the request, the higher the cost. But if we stay patient, persistent, and consistent in our efforts, the Universe will fulfill our desires in abundance.


The LILO law is a fundamental principle that governs both the natural world and the practice of White Magic. By understanding this law and acting in accordance with it, we can bring about the changes we seek and create a harmonious balance in our lives.


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